Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week Seventy Six.

Hey there everyone,

So It is really now counting down the days, i am now coming home soon. I really never thought that this day would come. While you are on your mission, you almost think that it will last forever, and then before you know it... it´s over. Its kinds a strange feeling. I have so many emotions, one day i´m happy the next sad, the other excited, after i´m nervous. Its kinda funny sometimes. But this week i have had alot of time to reflect on the things that i have learned on my mission and how i can really apply it in my life.

In this area we have been really blessed and i know that. But like always on the mission and in life, there always comes those bad days everyone in awhile, or weeks. Alot of things went wrong this week with our work, but that´s life, it always happens. This is one of the reasons why i was able to reflect on alot of things that i have learned here on my mission. I see how we can really use the atonement in our lives and the infante love that Christ has for us. That no matter what happens we can keep our heads held up high and look forward to tomorrow and know that tomorrow can always be a better day. So with this and alot of other things that i was thinking about i am still happy and just moving on, because I know that God has a plan for us.

But there were also alot of good things that happened this week too! We went to the temple. Sister Harris and I wanted to go for the last time. I love the temple here it is so pretty. At the temple we ran into alot of people. I ran into my last companion, Sister Menezes, she brought some of our recent converts there, so it was great to see everyone. They were all excited to see me. Also, we met alot of people who just recently got home from their missions, alot 2 weeks ago, some 2 months ago, so it was very interesting talking to them because i am going to go home soon. It was a nice relazing day with a picnic at the temple.

I also had my last interveiw with the president this week. I knew that i was going to be going home soon but i wasnt believing it untill then. He thanked me for my work and it was a very nice interview that i had, i loved it. But of course it made me sad that i was going to be living this all behind. But I will be starting a new fase of my mission.

I am truely blessed to be doing this work of the Lord. And I will continue working hard this week and give it my all. I hope all is well with everyone and I look forward to seeing everyone soon. Have a great week.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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