Monday, March 18, 2013

Week Seventy Five.

Hello there everyone,

This week, as all the others, was another good week. But this week has been super hot!! Everyone here says that the month of March is the worse month for heat, so am going to go out of here with a bang. It has been nearly 100 all week long. (i believe). We leave on the street and start sweating super bad. And we are running to at least find a bit of shade. Because we are right on the beach here it seems alot hotter! But at least it gets a little bit of ocean breeze. But we continue to press forward.

But I have an accomplishment this week!!! For about the last year on my mission I have been working on my personal progress and rushing to get it done before the end of my mission. Before i left my last area in várzea, i actually finished it!!! I didn't tell anyone, because I was waiting to receive the young woman's medallion. And Guess what? I finally received my Young Woman's Medallion!! Doing all of the Personal Progress her on the mission and in Portuguese. I loved doing it. I had the opportunity to do my Personal Progress with alot of recent converts, all of the young woman that i was able to teach I always helped them get started on theirs too. Every day we are striving to live a more Christ like life, but really through personal progress we can see the steps we can do and accomplish to get every bit closer to being more like Christ. But this really is a program that we need to do through out our life, not just when we are Young Woman, on the mission, serving in the Young Woman's, we should always remember the things we learn through this program to help us throughout our lives. But I am very grateful that I had this opportunity to be able to accomplish this while I was here serving the Lord.

But had many things that happened this week. We spent a lot of the week getting ready for a baptism that was really special. There was a lady who got baptized that we were helping. She is already older in age, she has 3 daughters in the church, 2 son in laws who are bishops, one who is the stake president, and has a grandson on the mission. She has been taught by missionaries before, but we were finally able to touch her and she accepted to be baptized. She is already very dedicated to the church, but her faith that she has is what impresses me. Almost every time we see her she tells us a new story of a trail she had,of someone saying something bad about the church. But she stays strong and continues forward in her faith. During her baptism, is was very spiritual. Some people bore their testimonies and there was not a dry eye in the room. It was very special to be able to see her join her family in the waters of baptism. And to see them even more united. Really God´s plan that he has for us is perfect, and I am so grateful to know of his great love that he has for us. 

This week we were able to meet a lot of new people and do new things, knocking doors all day and no one letting us in, miracles of people showing up to church, members doing all they can to help us, cleaning the church until we are exhausted, running from cows in the street, sleeping standing up, running in the street to catch a bus with our grocery sacks breaking and all of the good things that happen in the mission. Everything that happens i love, the bad things i laugh at and learn from them, the good i cherish forever. I am truly grateful to be part of this great work that the Lord has for us. I hope that everyone enjoys their week and sees the little miracles that the Lord puts in our lives every day. Until Next week.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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