Monday, February 25, 2013

Week Seventy Two.

Hello there everyboday!!!

This week has been amazing. It has been a great new start for the end. But let me explain abit about where i am at right now. I am in the area Candeias, in the City Jadoatâo (which is right on the other side of recifie) Our area is right on the beach and you can see the beach from our house and smell the ocean air, I love it. There are a lot of building in our area, and one might think that this might be a challenge and hard. But this area truely is blassed. The ward is huge, there are a ton of members, and they are all super will to help. I would love to stay working here for a long time. And i am almost sad that i am only going to stay here for about a month. Sister Sampayo and I are kind of opening an area. There were sister and elders in this ward, but now there are 4 sisters, which is alot differnt for me, but its super great. But we are taking over what the Elders were doing here, their investigators and everything So this week we were a bit lost, but it was all good, wo still worked really hard. We dont live with the sisters in our area, but we eat lunch with them and everything. We live with 3 other Sisters in the zone, and live in their area, but its right on the side of our area. You can walk from one chaple to the other in about 20 mins. It truely is amazing!!! I love it all. I am just over filled with joy and excitment about the work here.

This week we have been working hard. We even had a nice day at the temple too that was nice and relaxing!!! But this week we have just been trying to invite everyone to be baptized. I love working with Sister Sampyo, we lived together and loved it, but working with her is amazing too. But we are now happyly preparing a lot of people to be baptized here in a little bit. It was amazing people who seemed to be eternal investigators we invited to be baptized and they all accepted. There were a ton of people and church that were visiting, I am just so happy with the work that is happening here.

I realized that now that i am heading onto the end of my mission I am truely able to apply EVERYTHING that i have learned here on the mission into reality. I feel now finally that i am becoming the missionary that i wanted to be and the one that the Lord has wanted me to become, it has just taken me a year and a half to do that. haha. But I am Truely greatful that i have this oportunity to serve our Lord. I am so excited about all the people who are now choosing to serve the Lord and the missions that are open. i just LOVE THE MISSION! And Excited to do this work!! I hope all is well with everyone!

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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