Monday, February 11, 2013

Week Seventy.

Hello there everyone,

So this week has been a bit crazy. This week started the festivities of Carnaval, the biggest drinking, partying, ect. holiday in Brazil. So we have been having to come home early this wek to advoid anything and to avoid all the parties in the streets. (here they like to have their parties in the streets and everyone is drunk). And we are about half way through it, but tomorrow will be the worse day. But we will see what happens. really its been pretty tranquil, because most of the action happens down town, so everyone leaves our area to go there. But in the midst of all that we had a miracle happen a baptism. And everything this week seemed like it wa working against us to have this baptism. Everyone wanted to dismark it, move the date and gave every excuse in the book. All of it really did make sence, it was during the holiday, everyone was traveling, all the youth (the baptism was a Young Woman) were at EFY and everything seemed to go wrong. But Sister Menezes and I knew in our hearts that we wanted and needed to make this baptism work this week. We said a prayer one day and went out to solve all the problems and we could really see the Lords hand in our work, everything feel acording to plan. We got to the baptism and had some members who were a big help and helped us alot with the baptism, it was great.

In all this confussion Sister Menezes and I knew that it would be hard to work at the end of the week, so we set out strong at the begining of the week to try and accomplish our goals, and we were able to do it. WE were able to get our goals compleate at the beging of the week, because sure enough at the end of the week everything fell through and was hard to work like we wanted to. But all in all it was a great week. This week is the last week of this transfer. Trasfers are next Monday, so we will see for my last transfer if i will stay here or go to another area, we will see. But thank you everyone for your support and your love. Untill next week.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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