Monday, February 18, 2013

Week Seventy One.

Hello there everyone,

So guess what, today was transfer day, and guess who was transfered. I was. After serving 8 months in Várzea i left to go to my last area in my mission for my last transfer. When i found out the news i was pretty sad, because i wanted to finish my misison in the area i passed the most time, and where i knew the people. I was able to say good bye to a few people. Alot of the people in the ward were sad to see me go. But i know that the Lord really puts us where we need to go. I loved my time In Várzea and my time with Sister Menezes. We were able to learn alot of things together, and she because like my sister. Everything there will stay in my heart. My companions, the ward, the people, the experiences, the adventures, everything.

When i got to the transfer this morning i found out that i was going to be with Sister Sampyo, who i have already lived with her in my first area for 5 months, so i was pretty excited, we had a great time together. She´s from Argintina and is a blast. I am also living with 3 other Sisters, one of them is SIster Harris, my companion from the MTC. So we have quite an adventure in store for us this transfer. We are in a city right by the center of Recife, its on the beach. I dont know that much about the area right now, so i will let you guys know more next week.

The mission sure is like a the tides on the sand. THings come and go, but they all happen for a reason. There are the ups and downs, the friendships, and the conversions, and everything else that the mission has instore. But It all passes by super fast. I really can not believe that i am going into my last transfer, my last 6 weeks of my mission are starting now, and i still have so much to learn and do, but i have also learned more in this last year and few months then ever before. I truely love the mission for everything that it has instore for us. I am so eternaly greatful for our Heavenly Father that i have this oportunity to serve him, and be part of this great work. I know that he always blesses us in our lives and we can recieve the blessings from it, some times we cant see them but they are there.

Thank you for all of the support you guys give me and the missionary work. I hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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