Monday, January 7, 2013

Week Sixty Five.

Happy New Year to Everybody!

I hope that everyone had a great new year. As we can see the world didn't end, nothing exploded (except for fireworks) and we are here for a fresh new start in the year 2014. New Years for missionaries isn't that exciting, because we were able to have a good time. One of the irmas at church invited us to her house to have dinner with her and her family new years eve. We then went to our house and waited until midnight. We almost ended up falling asleep, but we were able to stay awake luckily enough. Because we live on the top floor of the apartment building we were able to see quite a few fireworks, but two streets in front of us they were having there own little show, see we watched that and then uneventfully went to bed, but there were parties going on all night long so it was a bit hard to sleep. Then New years day, because it was a Holiday everyone was a parties and drinking so we stuck with the safe route and visited Less Actives, So it made for a pretty good day. 

Unfortunately I don't have that much to tell for this week, because we were trying to get off of a holiday and it was a bit hard working and getting in the hang of things. One day we ended up walking in circles trying to visit people, another we went to another area to make contacts. But i do have stories to tell about the animals in our area...

So first off since we have been in the new year it has been raining almost everyday for at least little bit. So when the rain come here the frogs come out, and sometimes there not just frogs but toads too!!! So this story I am about to tell you all happened in one day. We were walking to lunch and we saw a huge toad that was dead and it was laying on its back and everything it was pretty gross. We then went into this area that always has a bit of wild life, I've seen monkeys there twice. But there is a swap there and the members said that there is alligator that live there too, so we went there trying to look for alligator. But we didn't find any. Then as we left lunch the irma went there and said very calmly, oh look there´s an alligator there. I Saw an ALLIGATOR!!! It was pretty cool, but it was sleeping, and still pretty young and small. But they caught one there the day before 2M. But as we were leaving that area a man was trying to heard the houses in the street with a motorcycle, the first time that I've seen that. I then didn't look to see where they were. Me and Sister Menezes then looked back and saw that these ponies were all running right at us!!!! So we ran and hid behind this super small tree (like it would really do anything) but luckily they went another way. Then at night we were walking home, close to were we saw the dead toad earlier, and i almost stepped right on one!! I didn't see it, and it almost hopped on my foot. So i jumped to the other side of my companion screaming. and he people at the bus stop right in front us were laughing. It was super funny. But they were cool about it. But wow didn't it scare me. haha.

So that was mainly my adventures for this week. This week is the last week in this transfer so who knows if i will be transferred next week or not. But we were able to make great goals for this last week, and we are going to work super hard with all that we have. Some council that someone gave me was to live the mission of Angels my last little time while I have on the mission. I have a bit less then 3 months left, and i cant believe how fast that it has gone by, it really is flying right by. So i am going to make the best of what i can this last little while i have and work my hardest. I am very grateful for the help that the Lord gives me while i am hear on my mission, and the support that everyone give me. Love you guys, and hope everyone has an amazing week.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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