Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Week Sixty Four.

Hello there everyone!

I hope that everyone had a great week, and that everyone had a great Christmas as well! Our week here in the mission was pretty great! We had an amazing Christmas here with everyone too. Here in Brazil they celebrate Christmas more on Christmas Eve and have a feast at midnight, well because we had an housr to be in our house we obvously couldnt stay untill midnight. But there were some families that invited us to their houses. We spent the morning with on member, who takes good care of us, and we made her Christmas better. But then in the evening we had two dinners! So we went running from one house to the next to try and get home in time. and we were absoulutly stuffed! The next day (Christmas) we had a zone meeting, but we had more of a Christmas party. One dressed up as Santa, and actually scared me. But we did secret santa, and traded our presents. And each pair made something to eat. But i think we were all stuffed from the night before we didnt really want to eat anything. I made chocolate chip cookies. They dont hav cookies here (or chocolate chip), so i got creative. We then went to an amazing members house and had a feast for lunch with a huge turkey and everything. I then got to talk on the phone with my wonderful family for the last time on my mission. My companion talked to her family for the first time. I got to talk to them for a bit too. But Christmas here really was great. We got alot of oportunities to share messages about Christmas and Christ to all of these families, who have people who arent members.

The day after Christmas we got to go to the temple! We tried do seomething before hand but it well through, so we went to the temple early and were able to sit in the garden for awhile, and it was beautiful! And i got sunburned, haha, the day after christmas! But i loved going to the temple. The temple here is in a busy part of the city. But right when you walk in the huge gate the noise goes away (even the smell goes away too, haha) it truely is amazing! It is very peacful and beautiful there!

BUt this week we were also preparing for a baptism! Two steop-sisters of a recent convert. They were amazing. They were super excited for their baptism, but also very nervous. They kept asking what they needed to do, and how they wer going to get baptized and everything. And when their interveiw came, they about died of embressment. But they were fine. The baptism went great! And they were super happy too. The next day they were wearing more modest clothes and everything. everything went great Sunday they were confirmed. And one of our recent converts blessed the sacrament for the first time! He was pretty nevous too. He tried doing it memorized but on the third try just read the card. And we found out that another Recent convert who is 9 years old, payed his tithing. It was sooo cute! We were beaming with excitement knowing all of these things.

So those were the high points of our week. And it was great. I hope that everyone has an amazing New Years, and Week. I will talk to you guys next year!!

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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