Monday, January 21, 2013

Week Sixty Seven.

Hello there everyone.

So this week was pretty good. We worked really hard this week, didnt see many results of the work, but you know that is alright, we keep our heads up high. So as Sister Menezes and i are going to stay together for another transfer we decided to make a ton of goals this transfer, so every week we are going to focus one something new to better our work. So we started this week and things have been getting alot better. On the mission they always tell us: find, teach, baptize. So this week we spend alot of time finding ei contacts, with a bunch of people and were able to teach some of them too, so we found new people to teach. We do this every week, but this week we upped our goal by atleast doubling it! And we were able to compleate our goal. So we worked really hard this week and were able to compleate all of our goals. But when we got to church on Sunday we didnt have any investigators, or even less actives or recent converts. I think that everyone went on vacation this week or something. So douring the gospel principles class it was the teacher and us! And that was it. It was a bit weird. BUt we keep our heads up and our hope held high.

But that is about it for my week. Wasnt that interesting, we just worked a ton. I now have holes in all of my shoes, and am just hoping they will hold up for about 3 months, haha. But everything is good hear. I am happy and loving this work. I love working with my companion SIster Menezes. We are just trying to work our hardest and our best. We are trueling trying to live the mission of angels here in Brazil! Love everyone and hope you guys have a great week.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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