Monday, January 28, 2013

Week Sixty Eight.

Hello there everyone,

I hope that everyone had a great week. Today i am compleating 1 year and 4 months on the misison. I can´t believe it. And I cant believe how fast it has gone by, and also how fast it is quickly coming to an end too. This week we had a kin of motivational training with the president. He came and spoke with our zone and really gave us animation to baptize and do this work. Now we are ready to get out there, we are just waiting for the investigators to follow us, haha.

This week we had a few cool things happen with some action from the ward as they were helping us and we were helping them. One afternoon we went out with the young Womans President to make visits to the less active memnbers. And guess what one of the young woman came back to church. She just needed a push and is even going to all the activities. We went to a recent converts house who has become less active and we dont know why, because he has great potentiol, and the Bishop showed up to help us with the visit and was able to give some great advice to him. Another day we went to an activity that the youth had to give the message, we were able to bring and investigator and a less active, so it was pretty great.

Again this week we were trying to work very hard, and of course things fell through. I notice a trend in the mission, it is like a rollercoaster. You always have your ups and your downs. Sometimes when you are working your hardest you see the least amount of results, but with pacients and hard work you can always get back up. Somehting i have really come to learn on the misison (and the Presidents traing cme to comfirm this this week) is that in our hardest times we need to be our strongest, and we can never loose our animation, we always need to keep our heads held high with a smile on to continue the work. But i am truely blessed to have Sister Menezes with me to do this work. We have set alot of goals and are compleating them as the weeks go by. We have a few people that we are trying to get ready for baptism this up coming month, so we will see.

Yesterday and a block party for Carnival right infront of our house, there were huge trailors of speakers on the street and everything, it was crazy. But we decided to avoid it and go home early (from the advice of the members). BUt we are keeping things safe and well conected with the spirit. I am continuing to work hard and loving the work. Untill next week.

Love Sister Nelson

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