Monday, September 10, 2012

Week Forty Nine.

Hello there everybody,

So this week was really good! A lot better than the past week when I was sick and we weren't able to do much. We set some high goals this week for number of lessons, contacts and people at church, and guess what! We were able to complete all of those goals! It was a hard push at the very end, but we were able to do it! Sunday night we were only short a few contacts and a lesson, nothing seemed to be going right. Finally we were able achieve the goals that we wanted for the day and ended up with a great week! It was so fantastic. One of the biggest miracles was the number of people that were at church! After having a month with no one at church we were able to have 7 people at church, and 3 of them were there for the first time, it was amazing! We were so happy. We will soon be preparing some of these people for baptism. It truly was a miracle to have these things happen this week. It really was a stretch but we were able to pull through with the Lords help!

We are continuing helping Nací prepare for baptism (hopefully next week), she just has a few problems she needs to sort out, but she is amazing. We have been teaching her for a couple of weeks now, but her daughter said that her mom has always been looking for a church but has never been able to find one. She said her mom has been super happy about this church and always talking about it. She is a miracle and will be ready for baptism soon. We have been able to see a bunch of small miracles here this week and are finding a bunch of new people. 

One of the things that has happened this week I really loved was the interview that I had with the mission president. He asked how everything was, he thanked me for my work and thanked me for everything that I was doing. I talked to him about service, and he said something very interesting. That the atonement of Christ is one of the most important things in our life, but usually we never give thanks for it, the same thing is in life. A lot of the time we give and see nothing in return. After my companion and I had our interviews we both changed a lot!  He said something to both of us about our companionship, and we knew that we were going to stay together for this next transfer. So Transfers were today and we are together for another month and a half. But we are continuing learning, growing and serving one another and this transfer will be different!!

But that is about all for me this week, I hope that everything is good everyone. You will hear form me again next week.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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