Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week Fifty One.

Hello there everybody,

Sorry that I am sending this email a bit late, but we moved our p-day because we went to the temple today for the first time in 3 months, so it was pretty exciting. But really there is not much to tell for this week. Not too much has happened this week, because my companion has been sick almost all week long. We started off the week super good, teaching a ton, finding lots of people and all of that. Then Tuesday night my companion, sister Rodriguez, started to feel sick, so we just stayed in the house pretty much all week long. She had a fever that came and went and her whole body was hurting. We then thought that she had yellow fever or something. So Saturday we went to the free 24 hour public health clinic and were there for about 6 hours, until midnight. We then went back the next day after church to get the results of her exams. The President got concerned and came with us. They then found out that it is some kind of pinched nerve in her spine, that is what they are thinking, but we don't know for sure. So that is all we know for now. We are trying to get it cleared through the mission to go to a specialist. But we are just taking things super easy.

As for me I have had a lot of time to study. But when sister Rodrigues was awake we had time to talk and study together. But a few of the days I spent a lot of time cooking. I have discovered here on the mission that I really enjoying cooking, and it's not too bad. I have gotten really good at looking at our bare cupboards and throwing what we have together into something that is actually pretty good. But this week I have made lasagna for the first time, just throwing things together making up my own recipe. I made kiwi pavê, and some other things. I really enjoy cooking, and I am trying to learn how to cook more Brazilian food too, still lack the beans. But this week it was really good to get in all the studying. My companion felt bad keeping me in the house almost all week. But I told her not to worry about it because I actually never was board or anything because there was always things that I wanted to study and didn't have enough time to study them. 

We are still trying to prep one of our investigators for baptism. But she still needs to stop smoking, we are setting new goals with her, so hopefully it will help. She is really determined to succeed. 

But that was my week. I hope that this week I will have more to tell you. I hope all is well with everyone. until next week,

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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