Monday, September 3, 2012

Week Forty Eight.

Hello everyone,

So this week was a bit interesting. I was sick almost the whole week. It was nothing bad, so don't worry. It started one day with just my throat hurting, then I lost my voice and got a bit of a cold flu thing. On Tuesday my companion told me that I need to at least take a nap for a bit and that afterwards, if I felt better, we can go and work. I ended up sleeping the whole day! I was a bit out of it. But I then started feeling better, but my voice was not. There were several days where I didn't really didn't have a voice and couldn't talk. When my voice became really bad my companion made us go back home and gargle with salt water. (I found this to be good way to diet because you never want to eat after that, ha-ha). But now I am almost back to normal, so things are great.

But because I was sick there was a few days where we weren't able to work or worked part of the day. So we weren't really able to teach a whole lot. Also when I was good to go out, we found absolutely no one in their homes, it was probably the weirdest week ever. But through our trials we were able to see miracles! We got to church and one of our investigators came to church on her own, we were so happy. The other called saying that she woke up late, so we went with a member who had a car and brought her to church. We both were super happy. We even set a baptismal date, the first in awhile. We are helping her to stop smoking and with other goals, so that she can be baptized. She actually said exactly some of the same things that one of my investigators said to me in my last area, and she was baptized. So it was like reliving the experience over again, it was pretty neat.

This week we had a Zone Conference with half of our mission and it was really good. I was able to see some of my old companions, and met some new people too. The president gave a ton of good advice, my companion and I were quick to put it into practice. We are excited to see our area progress. I am so grateful to be here on the mission, it is passing by so fast, and I am trying to make every day worth it. I hope you all have a great week.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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