Monday, November 7, 2011

Week Six.

Hello everyone,

It has almost been 6 weeks since I have entered the MTC. Can you believe that? I can’t. Time just goes by so fast here.

Well some updates on my ankle... It is getting a lot better. About the fourth or fifth day I could definitely see improvements in my ability to walk and move around. It still hurts from time to time and is still a bit painful, but a lot better. Because it is a high ankle sprain though, it’s mainly a couple of the ligaments in my legs that hurt when I walk, I guess they tore and so when I walk on them they will hurt. I now will be meeting with the doctor every week, I meet with him later today. I now do physical therapy during gym time, which usually really helps. Except I get almost a new trainer every day and they never know what I can or can't do. So they other day one of the trainers tried having me stand on it and to toe raises and I fell to the floor because it was way to painful.

I'm actually thinking that I may be in the MTC for awhile because I have to be able to have a lot more mobility on my ankle and be able to walk at least 10 miles a day for me to be cleared to go to the field. My Elders tell me to stop worrying about that, and to just get better and that I will be able to go. They have been a lot of help. As I walk around the MTC campus EVERYONE asks me about my foot. I just have a brace on (kind of a big brace), but it's not even a boot. Everyone wants to know what happened and how I'm doing. And it was fine to hear from the first couple of people. But when at least 10 or more people want to have a conversation with me about what happened it gets a bit tiring. My Elders told me I need to come up with a better story. :) I also want to thank you for all of your prayers. There is no way that I would be healing as fast as I am if it weren't for your help and the help from the Lord.

My district is now down to 5 people. 2 sisters and only 3 elders. It is very strange sometimes. But we have been able to grow a lot closer. And we get a lot of one on one time in class too. Another new district came in this week that was pretty exciting. And guess what there are 3 new sisters who came in. That makes a total of 7 sisters in our zone. One of them is from Ecuador, and she is the sweetest person.

There are not a lot of people left in our district and we have scheduled times to teach investigators, so we have to teach all the time to fill up the schedule. We have to teach every time that we have class!!! It gets a bit crazy sometimes and we have no time to prepare. We know that's what we will be doing while we are on the mission but because we are still trying to learn the language it's hard.

I think my language skills this week have taken another step. I now feel comfortable when the investigators ask me something  I can usually respond back with an answer that they can mostly understand. Mine and Sis. Harris's teaching together has also been a lot better. We have always been pretty good. But when we have to make stuff on the spot we flow a lot better. A lot of our lessons this week didn't go as we planned. Our investigators will ask us questions and then we will end up teaching something totally different. We now get to play investigators to the other elders in our district! It is pretty fun.

Yesterday was fast Sunday. WE got to have a mission conference and hear from the mission presidency. We also had a district testimony meeting and the Spirit was strong. Well I am still loving the MTC. And I realized that I do not have much time left, it has flown by so fast.

Well I hope all is well with everyone.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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