Monday, November 14, 2011

Week Seven.

Hello There Everyone!

Time here in the MTC is flying by! I can't believe I only have about 2 weeks left. I still seems like I got here not that long ago, but yet it seems like I have been here forever. It is scary to think that I might/will be in Brazil in about 2 weeks! Thinks are looking up for visas, and I think I will be leaving here on time. Two more Elders got their visas this week from my district and are leaving tomorrow. They filled out their online visas exactly a week before the rest of us did. Our district would be down to 3 people (1 Elder and 2 Sisters), but we had another Elder join our district this week. He has been here for about 12 weeks, he is recovering from knee surgery, and we are his 4th district. So luckily our one remaining Elder has another Elder. So our district will be down to 4 people.

Updates on my ankle: My ankle is getting a TON better and it is truly a miracle, considering I couldn't walk on it. I am now walking around just fine, and even yesterday I took of my brace. I still have an ace bandage on it just in case, but they said I didn't need to wear it. I even got cleared too! They said that I could even play in gym now too, don't worry I will take things easy. It is just so amazing. I almost feel all better. It still hurts to rotate it some ways too far, but it is a lot better. And almost all the swelling is down.

Our lessons have been getting a lot better this week. We have just been able to go in there with a few notes on what we want to say and then we are able to talk. We are able to start thinking in Portuguese better and it is nice. Some weeks I feel like I haven't improved on the language that much, but this week I feel like I have. I'm really impressed with how I can get my thoughts across. But I really only know missionary lingo. When we are trying to speak everyday stuff, we don't know how to say much.

I have really discovered that I love singing. I have always kind of liked it, but it wasn't until I got here at the MTC that I realized how much I really did like it. Also because things are so quite in order for there to be noise we go around singing. I go to choir every week, and I really enjoy it. This coming Sunday the sisters in our zone are all going to sing a song for Sacrament. And one of the Sisters, who I think has an AMAZING voice, said she really liked how I sing. Singing just makes me happy now.

The weather here has also been nice. It's been a bit cold, but every day turns into a nice crisp, sunny, fall day. And it makes us so happy.

Well I hope all is well!


    Sister Rebecca Nelson

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