Monday, November 21, 2011

Week Eight.

 Hello there everyone,

So guess what? I only have one more week of the MTC. Isn't that crazy? Time flies by so fast. I can't believe that an 1/8 of my mission is already done. I am pretty positive that our visas are coming this week. So hopefully we will get our travel plans soon. And then head out after Thanksgiving. We will see though.

This week I got to be a new missionary Host. When all the new missionaries come in every Wednesday they have a missionary who has been here awhile escort you around and get your room, books, ID, and take you to your classroom. There were a lot of sister missionary hosts so I only got to show two sisters around, but it was fun. They had twice the amount of missionaries come in this week, 700 new missionaries, they said we were at 105% capacity. So things are pretty crowded.

It also snowed this week for a day. It was snowing when we got out of class. It's funny now, I am getting used to the cold weather again. Some people complain and I'm like “It's really not that cold”. I've gotten used to the cold from being in Rexburg for three winters. But it will be a total weather change once I go to my mission. Everyone says it's really hot and I will get there as they are heading into their summer!

The extra Elder who was added to our district is now ready to leave. So starting Wednesday there will only be 3 of us in our district. Me, Sister Harris, and our last Elder who will be a solo. It will be pretty funny.

We have been teaching a lot this week as usual. And this week all of our investigators got “baptized”! Okay, so these are our teachers acting as investigators, but it was still pretty fun.

Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting all of the sisters in the zone (7 sisters) did a musical number, it was really good. One of the Elders helped us with it, and we sang “Nearer My God to Thee”, mixed with “For the Beauty of the Earth”. Our Zone is getting very small with everyone getting visas and leaving. There are 4 zones that only have 4 people in them. (a normal zone here has about 12 people). So our four districts put together make one normal size district. We had a new district come in this week and they only had 6 people.

I'm getting exciting to leave, but also very nervous at the same time. I am ready to start teaching real people. But I am scared about speaking the language. But they a new program on how they teach language here and they just started it this summer. Our teachers say we are a lot more ready to go then they were, and we know the language a ton better. So that's good to hear. I'm excited though.

Things with my ankle are looking good, I still have to wear my brace, but I am free to go. It's still not 100%. But it is workable.

I hope everyone is doing well. And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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