Monday, November 28, 2011

Week Nine.

Hello everyone!

Guess what? I got my visa last week so I am on my way to Brazil on time! They gave me all of my travel plans. I leave Wednesday from the MTC at 8am. We flight out of Salt Lake to Detroit. Then from Detroit to Sao Paulo, then finally to Recife, and I won’t get there until 3pm on Thursday December 1. So I will be traveling for a day and a half. But luckily my and my companion travel the whole way together. And the last Elder in our district is traveling to Sao Paulo with us. So we will all have each other. I am super excited but very nervous at the same time. I am so ready to go and teach other people and share the gospel with them, but I am very nervous about speaking Portuguese. But I know the Lord will bless me as long as I put my whole heart into it.

We had the great opportunity to hear from two apostles this week! On Tuesday night Devotional we heard from Elder Christofferson and he spoke about things he wished he had done better on his mission. And then on thanksgiving we got to hear from Elder Nelson. He talked to us about the difference between thanksgiving and giving thanks. They were both amazing wonderful talks!

Thanksgiving was good here at the MTC, they really treated us well. And I was so grateful for all of the workers who did work here on thanksgiving. In the Morning we heard from Elder Nelson, as I had mentioned. We then had our Thanksgiving dinner for lunch at about 11am. There was turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and rolls (not grandma’s rolls, that’s the thing I missed the most) and even some pumpkin pie (which I didn’t eat because I don’t like pumpkin pie). But it was pretty good, for Thanksgiving cafeteria style. I was just so grateful for all the people working there. We then made our selves sack dinners to eat later in our residence halls. We had an opportunity to do a service project. We made humanitarian aid kits, kind of like first aid kits. We made big assembly lines. The MTC made 8,000 kits. At the end of the day we got to watch a movie! We watched 17 Miracles. It was a very good heart touching movie, I recommend you to see it. They even gave us all our own bags of popcorn. They treated us very well on thanksgiving. And then when we were walking home the main court yard of the MTC was lit up with Christmas lights! (They have been putting them up since about the time I got here). Each night they are on and they are such a pretty sight to see.

On Friday I had in-field orientation. We just went to a bunch of work shops all day. It was really good. They told us some ways that we can be better missionaries. And we practiced contacting and everything. It was great. We learned a lot.

Yesterday was Sunday. And during our Sacrament meeting our branch President always calls on at least two random missionaries to give a 5 minute talk in Portuguese. So every Sunday you have to come prepared with a talk. And this week it was my lucky turn. I talked about Enduring to the end (perseverar ate o fim). I went over the 5 minutes probably closer to 10. But everyone said that my talk was good. And the Branch Presidency’s wives said it is so incredible how we pick up the language so fast. I also sang again this week in Sacrament meeting. This time with my district and our twin district (the district who came in the same week that we did). So there were 7 of us. We sang a medley of "Child’s Prayer" and "He Sent His Son". We didn’t practice but twice, so it was okay. I still enjoyed it though.

I hope everyone is doing well. And the next time you will be hearing from me I will be in Brazil!


Sister Rebecca Nelson

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