Monday, April 2, 2012

Week Twenty Six.

Hello there everyone,

Well not much happened this week. We have found out that your body is programmed to work for 6 week intervals. (6 weeks is one transfer here in the mission field). At the end of the six weeks your body is wiped out and it’s hard to keep going. But even when you stay in the same area and you start a new transfer your body is recuperated and you are ready to start a new journey. We started a new transfer here this week, but nothing moved. I am still in training with Sister Corrêa, so we knew that nothing was going to happen, the sisters that we live with too. So we will continue on with our adventures.

One of the adventures that we had this week was a Family Home evening with us four at the end of the day, one of the days in the week. Sister Kikushi shared a spiritual message, on how we can become better missionaries. We sang hymns, and then played some games. One of them was putting your face in a plate full of flour trying to find a ring, but there was candy in there too, so you didn’t know what you were getting most of the time. The other game was us trying to guess what our companion was acting out, if we got it wrong we both got a pie in the face, which was silly foam spray. But if you got it right you got chocolate, very extreme opposites. So our games were pretty messy, it then lead to us, I’ll just say, getting messier and then staying up and cleaning up our whole house, but we needed a relief break.

Another break that we had this week, a spiritual and uplifting break was General Conference. Here the sessions were at 1pm and 5 pm, because they were broadcast live. That also meant that the priesthood session was at 9pm. Pretty different then at home. But always the first session of the say was right after lunch and we had to get investigators, so we ended up being late to the two first sessions. The very first session, the video feed wasn’t working, and it didn’t start until about 40 mins after conference started, so we will have to read them later.  It was my first conference in Brazil. It was interesting because I could usually always hear the talk in English at first and then they would start speaking Portuguese, because it was a live translation, so I got confused a bit on what language to listen too, haha. But it was good, and I learned a lot.

Something funny that happened this week is people here sometimes insist on feeding us. So this week one day every house that we went to fed us food! We even had two dinners, we were so stuffed. And the problem is my companion, Sister Corrêa doesn’t eat a ton, she is super skinny, so if she couldn’t finish it she always discreetly gave it to me. Also one of the culture things here, in the part of Brazil, none of us are used to. Is that if you don’t take seconds they think you don’t like the food. And always if you finish before them they keep dishing you up food, so for me, who I always eat fast, it is sometimes a problem. Lunch here is big, let’s just say that. A few times this week the sun was suuuupppper hot. Just walking to and from lunch we both returned with a big line on our arms and chest from the sun. The sun here sometimes is not super hot, but it is very strong because we are so close to the equator.

But these are more our less my adventures for this week. This week is Easter, and it is hard to imagine but this little town I am in, Gravatá, is a tourist town. So there will be a ton of people. But I hope everyone has a good week, and a good Easter.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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