Monday, March 26, 2012

Week Twenty Five.

Hello there everybody,

Well things here in Brazil are pretty much the same, hot, a lot of sun, teaching and converting people to the gospel. Nothing that eventful happened this week. In fact I don’t really remembered what really happened. If feels like yesterday I sent out an email to the family. The weeks here are starting to feel like days. It is pretty crazy. In three days I will reach 6 months on my mission. I can not believe how fast time flies by. It feels like yesterday I arrived in Brazil, and here I am with less then a year of my mission, and I have so much I want to do here. So many more people I need to teach and bring to the gospel. The work of a missionary is never done. It was a bit interesting this week almost every day we returned home and looked at our numbers we were always satisfied but always thought that we could do better, teach more, and find more people. But we are trying with all our strength. I am learning so much with Sister Corrêa she really is an amazing companion, I am blessed to have her. We are able to learn so much together.

This week we were able to start teaching 3 new kids this week that have a strong desire to find a church. Two are sisters, and one is a friend of our last baptism. The two sisters we only started teaching Saturday, but they came to church on Sunday. But it was a miracle because when we went and picked them up for church their dad really wanted to go too, but he had to work, but he promised us that he would come the next week. They really are two special girls. We are also teaching a family and they are all really amazing, but they can’t come to church yet. He suffered an assault and got shot 6 times. A bullet is his spinal cord, or near there somewhere. So it really is a miracle he can even walk. But he is recovering from the surgery and has problems walking. But just in the little while that we have been teaching him we have seen such improvement, and know that he is a miracle. So we invited him to be baptized. He said once he is better and can walk, and visit the church he will. Some of the people have such faith in us. Of course there are those that don’t. We also invited someone else this week to be baptized, because in the mission here, they encourage us to invite people to be baptized in the first lesson, well we did in the second lesson, came back later that week, and she told us that it would be better if we visited other people. After that is was super awkward. Everyone has their agency. For the most part everyone here has a lot of faith in us and our message, but just is afraid of commitment sometimes.

This week we were able to have lunch at Brother Laos’s house. He worked translating for apostles for many years, and knows so much doctrine. Any questions we every have we always ask him. He is also the one who knows English. On our way back from his house we stopped by one of his neighbors who grows flowers for weddings. Wow they have a ton of flowers, it was very pretty.  They also live on a hill over looking the valley. But they then gave us a bunch of fruit to take home. It was the first time that we have ever met them. So  we returned to our house with a bunch of mangos, bananas, and a fruit similar to a cherry. People this week have all wanted to give us food and feed us. Many times it is then hard to walk home after eating. Here part of the culture is you have to dish up seconds. They think if you don’t repeat you don’t like the food. But sometimes they put so much food on your plate the first time, you can’t eat any more. But I am slowly learning how to cook all the food here. Sister Corrêa says I cook rice better then most Brazilians now. So I got the rice part, haha. But I am starting to tell that I am going to miss rice and beans when I go home. I am starting to appreciate every aspect of the culture here more and more.

I truly love my mission, and love this opportunity I have to serve the Lord.

-Sister Rebecca Nelson

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