Monday, April 16, 2012

Week Twenty Eight.

Hello there everyone!

This week was a great week for the missionaries in Gravatá. We started off the week a bit bummed because last week was hard, but it quickly turned around. And we had an amazing week. And we were able to see some miracles happen. We started counting some of our miracles, and were going to try and get 17, like in 17 miracles, but yes, we fell just a bit short. Ha-ha. But yesterday we were able have our last baptism finally confirmed a member of the church, after a month! We have been working with him a lot this week encouraging him that he needs to complete his baptism with receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The problem was he goes to his grandma’s house every weekend. We were able to get someone to bring him to church, and he was finally confirmed a member of the church. We were both so happy.

We started teaching a boy who is a friend of a member. We taught him Saturday for the first time, and he already wants to be baptized. He has been going to church and has even been attending seminary (here, seminary is at night), but he is already more active than some of the members in the ward. He will be great. He asks good questions and wants to learn more about the gospel. He was another miracle that we had this week. We will mark a date for his baptism this week, we hope.

We were able to visit a couple this week who expressed to us their desire to be baptized too. But the problem is that they are not married, no one here is legally married. So we will be able to work out this problem in these next few weeks, and they too will be able to be baptized.

Our mission has started a new project here, about a month ago, where we work a lot more with the less active members here. This week it worked out great. A member went with us yesterday and was able to show us the houses of were these people live and make visits with us. We were able to visit a lot of new people. Some of these people are really good and I know that they can return back to the church and become firm in the gospel again.

This week I started giving English classes in the chapel. I never know what to teach, but I think it worked out good. The last thing I taught them was parts of the body and then I had them all do head, shoulders, knees, and toes. We started off slow and then got faster it was very funny and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

So this was my week, nothing too exciting, but we were finally able to see people’s hearts change. I hope everyone has a great week.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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