Monday, March 19, 2012

Week Twenty Four.

March 19, 2012

Hello there everybody!!

So this week was a bit different, but good all the same. This week we had a baptism! His name is Mailson! He is 12 years old. He is the cousin of my last baptism. He has wanted to be baptized for a bit of time now. We were able to talk to his mom and teach him all the lessons. We taught him super fast. This week we taught him two lessons in one visit, because we needed to teach him before he was baptized. It was the first baptism where I was the senior companion, so I was a bit stressed out trying to find people to help and get everything in order. But he was super excited. The problem is he didn’t show up to church on Sunday, so he didn’t receive the Holy Ghost, sooo.... it wasn’t complete,,,, yet. We will talk to him tonight. So stay tuned to see what happens. With his baptism we had the opposite problem with the baptismal font. Instead of it not draining, we couldn’t find the plug. So we were trying to find things in the chapel that would work as a plug. We finally resorted to a wadded up sponge in a plastic sack. The thing was it was really small, so when I had to pull the plug I had to go all the way into the font and reach down and get it. That was just this morning.

This week we also had interviews with the president. We went to Caruaru (an hour away) again, for our interviews. We got a car to go there, but the driver squished us 4 into the back seat, so Sister Kikuchi was practically in the front seat. We got there and had training with the president, about a mission project in this state, where we will start working more on reactivating less active members, so we were pretty excited, it was a lot of information. Afterwards we had our interviews with the president. The interviews with him are always very fast and to the point. But I like them. It was a bit intimidating because he was at a small table in the way back of this huge room. So it was a long walk silent walk to and from the table. Afterwards the President bought us all pizza! So we all ate lunch together.

This week was a bit interesting because at the beginning of the week we were working very hard, and were getting a lot of lessons in, and our numbers were looking great. Then the last three days we have had meetings almost all day. So there went our numbers. But it is all good. We had a baptism and have seen progress finally in our area.

We continue working hard and learning lots together.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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