Monday, February 20, 2012

Week Twenty.

Hello there everybody!!

Wow what a week. A lot has happened in the last couple of days!! I mean A LOT! I am now a trainer. Can you believe that? I will back up a little. I finished my training with Sister Leite on Sunday. SIster Leite and the other Sister we live with kept joking around that I would train this transfer because a lot of missionaries will arrive. But honestly it is super early for someone to be training, especially for an American. The American sisters here usually train after a year, and that’s if they train, some of them don’t train another missionary at all. Being a trainer is a big responsibility and means that the president trusts a lot in you. And I don’t even know any other sisters, Brazilians here who trained right after their training. So when we got the call Sunday night saying that Sister Leite was transferred, and that I would stay and be training, it was a huge surprise. I was over whelmed. I at first was very scared, know that I still wasn’t confident in the language, and I still had a lot to learn. But then I knew that this would be the greatest learning experience for me. I would have to learn to truly trust in the lord with everything that I’ve got! And so I have. Guess who else is also training - SIster Harris, my Companion from the MTC. It was very sad to have to see SIster Leite leave, but at the same time, all of my feelings of nervousness turned into excitement. But I now have my new Companion, Sister Corrêa (I attached a photo of us), she is also from São Paulo. Taller than me, which is a first for here. Very new in the church 1 year and 7 months, but loves the gospel and missionary work. A bit shy and timid but has a big heart. I can tell that we are going to get along very well. I am so excited to work with and train her. I only met her yesterday afternoon, so I will have more to tell you next week.

WE have had quite the adventures this week. It has been Carnival, but luckily because I am not in the city Carnival is not that bad. (Yes, I am still in Gravata). WE have had to return to our house early every night to avoid the craziness. Friday night there was a parade where guys dressed up and women, we were in our house, but we ran into a few during the day. Sunday we had to stay in our house all day, because it was a day where they throw what at people with water guns and its crazy, if I want a missionary it actually looks like a lot of fun. Saturday (I know I’m jumping around in my days) there was a huge storm here all day. Heavy rain and thunder and lightning. It was pretty cool.

Monday we took a car to Recife to drop Sister Leite off, it was my first transfers, and everyone is so excited and nervous there. It is fun seeing where everyone will go. I, Sister Harris and another sister stayed in the apartment in Recife, just around the corner of the chapel, to wait for the new sisters arriving the next day. Yesterday, (Tuesday) we had to go to the chapel to do something in prep for the missionaries because 19 came yesterday (that’s a lot). The chapel is about 4 floors so it has an elevator. Well we took the elevator back down and guess what happened, the second door wouldn’t open. The door inside the elevator kept opening and closing, but the outside door wouldn’t open. We were stuck in the elevator for almost half an hour! This is always one of my fears, and well it happened. After prayer, where we able to get our way out. The President’s wife was outside the chapel and was so glad that we made it out. The Lord did help us in there. It was quite an adventure.

Well my week has been quite exciting. And I can already tell that the Lord is helping me. I already have more confidence, and am able to speak better Portuguese, and remember things easier. I know that this is the Lords work and he helps his missionaries and the areas that we need.

I hope all is well with everyone!

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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