Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week Eighteen.

Hello there everyone,

This week has been pretty normal, but of course like every week some
exciting things happened too. First we had the baptism of Kionaria!
She is 17 years old and amazing, has such a sweek spirit about her.
Also we only taught her for about 3 weeks as well as our last baptism.
She is one of the people we taught when we taught all of the kids, but
she was the main reason we were teaching all them and she was the
oldest. Her two younger siblings are members, but she had just
recently moved into the area. But again before the baptism we had the
lucky chance of emptying the font out with buckets...again. But this
time i wasnt sore after words. But the baptism was amazing we did a
joint baptism with the other other sisters in the other word, so there
was a lot of people. But we know that she will be great.

So somthing interesting i got to eat this week, calfs hoof ( i think
thats what we call it in English) mão de vaca in Portuguese, whch is
cow´s hand. Yeah.... it was interesting. I also didnt know what it was
untill after lunch. They then put a huge pot of meat of the table and
said its intersting and its okay if we dont want to eat it. Sister
Leite and I then peered into the pot and i think both of our noses
turned up. It basically looked like a bunch of animal fat, but we were
able to find a few actually meaty peices, but i think i wont try that
meat again. We then went home after words and ate some other food.

Last P-day we were going to go visit some places here, but it started
to rain. When it rains here it rains buckets and its reallyt heavy,
and they dont really have drainage systems. But they problem was that
we were still in the center of town when the rain started and we had
to make it home some how. I was totally fine walking in the rain and
am used to it, and actually kind of like it. But people here when it
starts to rain they all take cover. We were ready to go and i turned
to Sister Leite and said are you ready. She looked at me like I was
crazy (because we didnt have anything to gard us from the rain and it
really was pouring buckets). I told her in Seattle the rain doesnt
stop anything. So we went for an adventure and walked home, it was
only about 10 mins walk home, but we were completely soaked from head
to foot. It was great I loved it!

This week we started to visit really old investigators(a long time
since they have been visited). it was good to see a bunch of new
faces. But I have started to bee more comfortable in speaking with new
people, I have been speaking more. they then ask how long i have been
here and then are very surprised that for two months I speak really
well. Sister Leite said that this week I have really made a leap in my
language. She has been great. Me and Sister Leite have really learned
work well together and build a friendship too. But sadly our training
is almost over. But she has been amazing in teaching me and helping me
with everything.

Hope everyone is doing well

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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