Monday, February 27, 2012

Week Twenty One.

Hello Everyone!

So this week has been different for sure. It was my first week as a trainer, just after three months. At first a was pretty scared already being a trainer, and American and not having much confidence in the language. But Wow have I grown in just a week. But I have been blessed with an amazing new sister, Sister Corrêa. She is also a recent convert and is excited to share the gospel with everyone and basically has the heart of an angel. She has also been helping me a lot this week too, because I don’t know everything. So we have been working together to get through this week. But we have been working very hard this week. I have wanted to do things a little bit differently, so we will see how it goes. But this week we couldn’t find a lot of people in their houses, so we talked to everyone and made contacts with everyone we came in contact with. I will tell you the truth; I was scared to death to make contacts with people before. But just with a little bit of time my confidence has gotten a lot better and I now like doing it. But we walked everywhere this week and all day. These days we have arrived in our house completely exhausted! We finish our planning, late because we have been doing so many things, and we fall right asleep. My confidence this week has definitely improved this week a lot. I think just in this week my Portuguese has improved a bunch. I mean some people say that they can’t understand me because of my accent. But for the most part everyone says that just after three months I am almost fluent. I was also forced this week to be the first one to talk and do everything, because I am training Sister Corrêa, so I had to talk more. But sometimes that’s always what I need in my life, is someone to push me into doing something. And that’s what happened, but I am so very grateful for it. I know that the Lord helps a lot in this work, and he truly does bless us.

-Sister Rebecca Nelson

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