Monday, October 10, 2011

Week Two. (My First Full Week!)

So this week was pretty good! It was nice to have my first full week and actually be able to get into the swing of things. So now I kind of know what I am doing. :)

This week they actually taught us how to plan and how to use our study time wisely. I wish we got that our first week but they said that we would have forgotten it. But it is so nice knowing the best ways to study. During the day we do have some gospel discussions in class, but the problem is it's all in Portuguese, so we can barely understand what is going on. I wish we could have lessons like that in English, but the time will come that I will be able to understand.

We taught 3 practice lessons this week. Mine and Sis. Harris's lessons have been getting a lot better. By our third lesson the investigator said that he could understand us a lot better then he could earlier. So things are coming along -  Except this week I found out that I was praying to a heavenly sink!!! So when we pray it's supposed to be Pia celetial, which is heavenly father, but I was saying Pia Celestial, which is heavenly sink! And I had been doing it all week! It's was pretty funny though, the investigator had to correct me.

Oh so I didn't explain this yet. When we go to Brazil,I am still called Sister Nelson, even though I am speaking Portuguese. That's because “irmas” are sisters in Portuguese but in Brazil they call the nuns irmas, so we don't really want to be confused with them, so they will call us “Sisters”. Also I have found out that my chances going to the Brazil MTC are very very slim, and that it will probably take a while for me to get to Brazil. The visas are taking forever to be approved. And actually most people are spending their whole 9 weeks here in the Provo MTC and then getting reassigned to another mission in the states until their visa comes which can take a couple of months. But it totally depends, because I have heard stories where they get it really fast too, so we will see. I will go where ever the Lord wants me to go though.

We have weekly devotionals Tuesday nights and the cool thing is that they bring in general authorities and some times even apostles to come speak! So it's like a mini General Conference all over again. They do the same kind of thing for Relief Society. They have all the sisters in the MTC meet for Relief Society, so it's about 100 to  150 people, and they bring in an authority  to speak. Like this week we had one of the Counselors from the Primary general presidency speak. Way cool huh?!

I really love my district! All of the Elders make me laugh so much, and they add comedy to the day when it could otherwise be boring or predictable. And I love it so much. Sister Harris and I usually go back at the end of the day and laugh about the things that happened.

I have started to play volleyball during gym and it is my time to relax and it is so nice! So this week the weather has really turned cold! And no one in my district brought anything warm to wear, since we all packed to go to Brazil.  One day it even snowed a bit. And the room I sleep in is FREEZING!!!! So basically I am really cold all the time. But yesterday we watched the Joseph Smith movie and saw what they had to go though, and I think to myself I really shouldn't be complaining. But I still love it here and I am learning so much. The language is coming a bit easier and I can now stumble my way through sentences. I love it!

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