Monday, October 3, 2011

First Week in the Provo MTC

FROM THE MTC in PROVO - My companion is Sister Harris. She is really cool. She is from Sacramento CA and attended BYU. We are a lot alike and get together very well. We are blessed to have each other. Our district (group) is already becoming a family here. There are 11 of us in our district and we are the only girls. We heard that in our MTC zone there are 60 Elders and only 7 sisters, so they were excited to have us.
I have ran into multiple people that I know from school and from home, so it was nice to see familar faces. Our day consists of being in class all day or studying!! From about 7:30am - 9:30pm that's what we are doing. Class is over whelming at times but when I get back to my room at the end of the day, I look back and realize I love it.
I feel like we have already learned a lot of Portugese (in just 5 days), we have learned some basics and also how to pray and share our testimonies. On Friday we already taught our first lesson in Portugese, and it went a lot better than we thought it would. It was supposed to be 25 minutes long, but we were only there for 15 minutes.
We wrote everything down and read from our paper and when we asked him questions we had no idea what he was saying and just said "boa" = good. But the Spirit of the Holy Ghost was there, which was the thing that mattered the most. General Conference on Oct 1st and 2nd was amazing, it was funny to see some of the young men as Elders sit though all of the sessions because they never done that before. While in the Provo MTC on our Preparaion Day (P-day) we get to go to the temple which is so nice, I love it!

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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