Monday, October 24, 2011

Week Four.

Hello Everyone!

I have made it almost 4 weeks already in the MTC. I can't believe I've already almost been here for a month. The days here are blending together. We always loose track of what day of the week it is, and half the time we don't know what time of day it is, because we are in our classroom all day, and it doesn't have a window. We will leave class to go to a meal and we can't remember if we are going to lunch or dinner. It's funny sometimes. So a few exciting things happened this week. For our devotional on Tuesday night Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke. It was way amazing! He talked about how we can receive the spirit, and how we always need to carry something around so that we can write down spiritual impressions that we get. He did a question and answer thing, but in reverse. He asked the questions and would have people respond back to them. We then were able to talk about it afterwards as a district and it was so good, and it brought us closer together.

Yesterday I was also made the coordinating sister for our zone! It's not too exciting, but still a lot of stuff to do. I am like the female version of the zone leader. I am in charge of all the sisters in our zone, which at the moment there are only 4 of us, so it's not that much. But we are getting two new sisters in our zone this week, they will bee the first new sisters in our zone since Sister Harris and I came in. It's strange having only 4 sisters and 70 Elders in our zone. Also all the elders know you, because there aren't that many sisters, but we don't really know every single one of them.

Back to the Coordinating Sister thing.  I basically interview them and make sure they are doing good, and check on them every night. Also when new sisters in the district come in, like this week, I help train them. I spend Wednesday and Thursday night with them. I was so looking forward for it to be Sunday this week, so I could have some down time. But little did I know once I got called, I then had to be in meetings ALL day. From about 8am-8pm (mixed in with my other classes and meals, but the rest of my time was spent in meetings). I was pretty exhausted after yesterday, but I am sure that I will love my new calling and to be able to help the sisters in my district.

Good news here for visas. Even more came in this week! 2 Elders from our district are leaving tomorrow, so we will only have 8 people in district. Some now only have 4 or 5 people. So numbers are getting fewer as they head finally to Brazil. Sister Harris and I are thinking that we might get ours in about 2 weeks. We are pretty sure that we will be getting to the Brazil MTC eventually. We have taken the average of what it seems like for people to get their visas and that's why we think two weeks. It is so Exciting!

Something kind of funny that happened this week was that we had a fire drill. It was during our first gym time of the week, so some of the Elders got mad. They evacuated the whole MTC,  2500 missionaries in total out of the buildings. We all went over across the street to the playfields that are over there.

During TRC this week (Training or Teaching rRsource Center) we were able to teach a local Brazilian. Which was a bit scary, but fun all at the same time. She's Japanese decent but raised in Brazil, and her husband is Australian, pretty funny. She was so cute and super nice to us. But boy oh boy did she speak fast!!!! Our teacher said that it would give us practice for our mission. We found out that in Recife they speak REALLY fast, which all the missionaries from our district who are going there (including me) are the slowest speakers that are in class. So it's pretty ironic right now. but we will get it....eventually.

I am so grateful to be here, and even though times here are sometimes hard and over whelming I know that the Lord is there to help me through this. I have been so blessed with a good district and an AMAZING companion. Thank you for all of your support!

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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