Monday, May 14, 2012

Week Thirty Two.

Hello everybody,

So yesterday was mother´s day, and I got the fine privilege to talk to my family! I loved it. So this week was different, but it was good, we were able to see a lot of miracle happen, finally our hard work is paying off. But first there were transfers last week, and Sister Sampayo, the sister from Argentina, is now training, and she is training an American, Sister Dickson, she is from Gig Harbor, Washington. What are the odds we live so close, know some of the same people, and are now serving a mission on the other side of the world. But she is a joy to be with and has such enthusiasm for this work. It also gave me a boost confidence with my Portuguese, because all week I have been the translator, and I realized I know a lot more then I realized I did. But I am glad that I am able to be here to help her. I think every dad me and Sister Corrêa are strengthening our relationship, not only as companions but as lifelong friends. I am so blessed to have her and we work very well together and are always on the same page. It truly is a blessing. 

But this week we decided to change things up a bit and try and move our teaching group. So we made even more contacts and got references from people. So we started visiting a few new people this week. And we have had a bit of a problem getting our investigators to church; they say that is usually the hardest thing to do in the mission. But some of the people that we started teaching this week, and have only made one visit with were already at church yesterday. It truly was a miracle, 3 of the new people we started teaching were there, and a few others. It was great, we were super excited. We truly have a testimony of prayer and fasting. Some of these people are very good too. They said they really liked church and want to come back next week already. 

This week we got a few references from less actives. One we have now reactivated, and we started teaching his mom. But the other, there was some problems at church where she doesn’t want to return to this ward, but has an amazing testimony. She said that a lot of people have visited her before and she hasn't had much interest and knew that they just want to reactivate her and didn't really care about her, but she told us that the last time we visited her she felt the spirit so strong and that she told a lot of people about the experience. (Our visit we were all laughing, praying, baring our testimonies, it was great). And she said that she wants to come back and she will work on it. To see how we touch some people’s lives like that means the world to us as missionaries. That is what we live for is experiences like these. 

This week we were able to help our ward a lot. They had a lot of activities, with mother’s day a dance (we didn't go but help set up), that we were happy to help serve. I ran into George, my second baptism again. I think I have mentioned how he is now at military school, but when he is home, he is always at church. He truly is a miracle; he just needs to serve a mission now. But we happened to have the same birthday, in about 2 weeks, but the problem was we didn't know if we would both be here or not. So he told me to hang on and wait at the church. He went and bought a cake and we celebrated our birthdays early with the people who were there at the chapel. It was very nice, and the first time people sang happy birthday to me here.

This week has been great, and I have a ton of faith that these weeks are just going to be better. I love this mission, all of the experiences that it gives me. I hope everyone has a great week.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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