Monday, January 16, 2012

Week Sixteen.

Hello everybody!

This week was a good week. Sister Leite and I decided that we want to try and meet all of our goals this transfer, and work even harder. First with some of our investigators -  Our investigator George, who we have been teaching for about 2 (3 weeks now), who we invited to be baptized the second lesson, told us this week that he now is ready to be baptized, that will happen this week. We were so excited for him! He is almost the perfect investigator. Reads everything and always has a ton of questions for us, and he writes them down too. But this week he had a lot of questions for us about our mission, he is 17, and wants to serve a mission, already. It is great. We also started teaching a group of kids this week, about 4 of them. They are friends with some members in our ward, they range from about 11-17 in age. They are all surprisingly very interested in the church and during our lessons they pay close attention, which is surprising for kids their age. We really like teaching them. My first transfers were this last week, but almost none of us moved around, actually my whole zone is the same, except for my district leader, who is very good, and always calls us and makes sure we are doing good. But most of all he is inspiring during our district meetings. All the other sisters are excited to have him.

This week it rained for the first time, almost all day. Here they don’t really have drains in the street, so the water is everywhere. And a lot of the sidewalks are tiled (everything here is tiled it’s a bit weird), so it makes it very slippery. And as sister missionaries we don’t really have shoes for the rain. But since I love the rain and have missed it, I liked it! My companion on the other hand didn’t so much. But it was good.

This week I have convinced my companion to get up and go running more with me, the most I can convince her to do is three times a week, but ill take it. We go running at the chapel, they have a small cement soccer court in the back. One day when we were running we realized that we forgot to drain the water from our last baptism. In order to drain the baptismal font you literally have to get in it and pull a plug. Guess who was the lucky one to do that... ME. It was funny though.

So there are a ton of street dogs here, most of them are really dirty and you don’t want to get to close to them. But they are more on the small side. Well yesterday we were walking home from an investigators house and there was about 3 or 4 male dogs chasing a female dog (poor girl), well the males get really aggressive, and these dogs were bigger then normal ones here and scarier. Well they started getting really close to us. And one of the male dogs kept barking and growling at the female dog. Sister Leite stopped and we were going to just let them pass us. But them they stopped too. I tried moving slowly so we could just get pass them (we were against a wall at this point too), then the scary one turned around and started barking and growling at me and was getting closer. Sister Leite then hid behind me (because I’m bigger and usually not afraid of the dogs here). I didn’t know weather to hit it with my scripture case or kick it our what, but we were both scared, and I don’t know where it came from but I just barked back at the dog and then surprisingly it left. It was pretty funny. Sister Leite said I do truly have a gift of tongues.

But this week has been good. We have truly seen how the Lord blesses us and answers our prayers. I hope all is well with everyone.

Sister Rebecca Nelson

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